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Press release
from Kate Taylor
issued 23 September 2002
Tel 1234-567890

Harvest festival marked by discussion on food concerns

Harvest festival at Westgate Chapel, Wakefield, is to be marked this year by a discussion on the issues which impact on food production in the modern world.

At a Saturday morning session on 5 October specialist guest speakers will focus on the opposing trends towards organic farming and the genetic modification of food plants. The concept of fair trade will also be explored.

The discussion will be held at the Chapel (next to Westgate Station) at 10am and is open to all. Lay Leader Melanie Prideaux says, 'It is not enough in the 21 century to rejoice that "All is safely gathered in". People are concerned about just what is being harvested, whether the workers are paid a fair wage, and how safe and nutritious the crop really is'.

There will be a service of harvest thanksgiving at 3pm on Sunday 6 October.


Melanie Prideaux Tel 2345-678901